Selection Rationale

Climate game changing solutions are selected here for being environmentally benign, scalable and cost effective.

It is vital that money is spent wisely, because overly expensive or misguided programs rob resources from the more efficient methods that will be vital for stabilising Earth’s climate.

Renewables are helping to curb the increase in emissions, but on a large scale they are environmentally destructive:

Why renewables can’t save the planet | Michael Shellenberger | TEDxDanubia


The energy renewables capture is diffuse, and given the gargantuan – and growing – energy needs of civilisation, a much denser more environmentally scaleable and reliable energy source is needed. Despite public suspicion of nuclear power, this website lists advanced nuclear as a game changer in favour of renewables. The page on radiation safety explains how nuclear radiation, like fire, is safe within limits.  The old claims that even small doses of radiation are harmful have turned out to be false.

The first, most vital thing for solving climate change is not even a technology. It is  Human Strengths