By 2050 approximately half of all the world’s people will have a life dramatically worsened by the effects of climate change. The main problem will be water stress.

This short video explains today’s global fresh water crisis:

Global Water Crisis

Climate Scientist Prof Malte Meinshausen explains how the Antarctic has already crossed an important tipping point:

A Climate Game Changer HD

Here International Lawyer Andrew Guzman explains how this century:

  • Loss of mountain glaciers will disrupt irrigation systems that support the agriculture billions depend on. Food shortages will affect poorest people the most.
  • Sea level rise will seriously inundate coastal conurbations where billions live, and render coastal plains infertile by salination. As such, nations with large low lying areas such as Bangladesh face the prospect of millions of displaced people.
Climate Change: Time is running out Prof Andrew Guzman Andre

The timescale for worsening conditions is impossible to predict, partly because it depends on the success of efforts to curb emissions, draw down carbon-dioxide and cool the oceans. Facing the uncertain future of our own existence is affecting all of us. It is no surprise that military spending is on the increase as nations prepare for the expected geopolitical instability.

Perhaps the most difficult problem to solve is: Denial Campaigns